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Chat enables you to communicate interactively with other users connected to the Internet. When you type text, it is immediately displayed on the computers of all other users connected to the same chat server and channel. There are several different ways to chat on the Internet. This page will give you a brief overview of some of them.

Internet Relay Chat

The most common way to chat on the Internet is via Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. When you run an IRC client, your computer connects to an IRC server. There are many IRC servers available and many of them are connected together to form IRC networks so you can connect to one close to you and chat with users around the world. Some popular IRC networks are COBRAnet, DALnet and Undernet. Each IRC server hosts many different channels covering many different topics. Using a program like mIRC you can chat on many channels at once. You can even create your own channels. To chat using IRC, you'll need to download and install an IRC client. You can find many different clients in Yahoo's IRC Chat Index.